Let me start off by ‘making myself popular’ as my wife would say! I like Richard Bruton. I know I shouldn’t. I’m not a natural Fine Gael supporter eventhough I voted for Francis Fitzgerald in the last election. But I do like Richard. I think he is a consumate professional […]

The Minister for Education Can’t Figure Out This Sum – ...

I've never been one to go with the flow, to accept that just because 'everyone else' is doing something, I should also do the same. If you are part of the crowd, you might think me contrary or difficult. Of course, if you are more independent-minded, you might just think […]

You Won’t Believe What the Minister for Education Said About ...

Back in December 2010 when I first proposed on #gtchat an international pro-active effort to promote the needs of gifted children I had a very specific purpose in mind. Advocacy has a very particular meaning to me. Not one to holler and do nothing, two colleagues and I set about establishing a […]

International Week of the Gifted 2012

Chapter 4 – ‘Assessment and Evidence of Learning in Junior Cycle’. It has been my contention all along that if the learning experience of students in the classroom is negatively affected by the examination, then the examination has to change. Not the curriculum. It  isn’t necessarily the case that changing […]

Junior Cycle Framework Part 5: Testing Times!