Let me start off by ‘making myself popular’ as my wife would say! I like Richard Bruton. I know I shouldn’t. I’m not a natural Fine Gael supporter eventhough I voted for Francis Fitzgerald in the last election. But I do like Richard. I think he is a consumate professional […]

The Minister for Education Can’t Figure Out This Sum – ...

I've never been one to go with the flow, to accept that just because 'everyone else' is doing something, I should also do the same. If you are part of the crowd, you might think me contrary or difficult. Of course, if you are more independent-minded, you might just think […]

You Won’t Believe What the Minister for Education Said About ...

Back in December 2010 when I first proposed on #gtchat an international pro-active effort to promote the needs of gifted children I had a very specific purpose in mind. Advocacy has a very particular meaning to me. Not one to holler and do nothing, two colleagues and I set about establishing a […]

International Week of the Gifted 2012