A Short, Open Gifted Education Course

Open Gifted - an open, short introductory course on giftedness and gifted education

In 2015 I completed an MSc in eLearning for which I produced a thesis investigating the efficacy of a short course for Continuing Professional Development for teachers. As the course I wanted to investigate did not exist I also had to create it. Open Gifted is that course.

This course introduces participants to definitions of giftedness, identifying gifted students, issues affecting gifted students in school and approaches and strategies teachers can use to meet the educational needs of gifted children in their classrooms.

It is aimed specifically at second level teachers in Ireland. However, other teachers and parents both in Ireland and abroad will find the course interesting and useful.

This course consists of 8 modules and can be completed in about 3 hours. It can be completed the course in one sitting or tover a period of a week.

The course began with a course pre-test but I need to update this part.

To study this course

  • View the video presented in each topic.
    • There is a discussion forum after each topic where you can discuss questions raised and/or contribute your views on the contents of a module. You are encouraged to interact with other participants. The course facilitator will also participate in the forums.
      • There are links to reading material to support the content of the videos and if you would like to explore modules in more detail.

Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read the Terms and Conditions before proceeding. By proceeding with the course, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Open Gifted - Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking this course. If you have any questions during the module, please email me at peterlydon.iol@gmail.com