Module 1: Introduction to Gifted Education 2

Aims of this module:

1. To introduce common terminology used in gifted education;
2. To introduce the course, its content and how students can participate during the course.


At the end of this module, you will be able to,

1. Identify the terminology used in gifted education in Ireland and abroad.

Video Length: 6 minutes 8 seconds



Use the comments section below to discuss your interest in gifted education and how a course in gifted education could meet your needs in the classroom.

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2 thoughts on “Module 1: Introduction to Gifted Education

  • Sarah

    Excited to be taking this short course. I am starting to develop a Gifted Children’s policy for my school so want to get a grounding in it! A great point made in video 1 about how it is widely accepted that people can be more talented in the areas of sport, music etc but not as much in terms of learning.