Chapter 4 – ‘Assessment and Evidence of Learning in Junior Cycle’. It has been my contention all along that if the learning experience of students in the classroom is negatively affected by the examination, then the examination has to change. Not the curriculum. It  isn’t necessarily the case that changing […]

Junior Cycle Framework Part 5: Testing Times!

I said I would write a post about the logo for this site when I got a chance.  It a bit naff and completely obvious but it gives me an opportunity to say a few things. The logo is simply made up for the capital letters for Gifted & Talented […]


This is time of year when everyone starts preparing for school, usually somewhat nervously in anticipation of what the year will bring.  This is most true for those starting school – primary, secondary or third level. It applies to teachers as much as students, but particularly so to trainee teachers. […]

Must-haves for Teachers