Gifted Awareness

  The 3rd Gifted Education Awareness Week in Ireland runs from Monday 22nd to Friday 28th  September 2013.   Gifted Education Awareness Week is an initiative of Gifted and Talented Ireland and is promoted through this site and Gifted and Talented Network Ireland. The aim of Gifted Education Awareness Week is to raise awareness […]

Gifted Education Awareness Week 2013

The title is a quote is from Erich Fromm. It says a lot about why I do what I do. It’s now just over two years since I established Gifted and Talented Ireland as a blog to front my advocacy efforts on the needs of gifted children. There have been […]

Being Here Is Not Enough

Seth Godin has a trippy blog and a few other sites. He has written 12 bestsellers that have been translated into 33 languages. I’ve been reading Linchpin and quite enjoying some of the messages he offers about being an artist at whatever you do. Anyway, all was well and good until […]

Sething It All Wrong

David McWilliams is an economist who resisted buying into the Celtic Tiger mentality and saw the boom for what it was; a house build on debt. He has written several books which could loosely be called ‘pop economics’ and as an economics graduate myself I have found myself in agreement […]

Lance the Myths of Giftedness