Gifted Awareness

Let’s just start with this. Most teachers have an IQ in excess of 130.  It is reasonable to assume, given genetic pre-disposition and given the nurturing environment of teachers’ homes, that often children of teachers are Exceptionally Able. In my experience of CTYI, in each of my classes, the single […]

An Appeal to Schools and Teachers; So you think you’re ...

This is time of year when everyone starts preparing for school, usually somewhat nervously in anticipation of what the year will bring.  This is most true for those starting school – primary, secondary or third level. It applies to teachers as much as students, but particularly so to trainee teachers. […]

Must-haves for Teachers

This is the first in what I hope will be many guest posts offering different perspectives to teachers with Exceptionally Able children in their classrooms. Elaine Mackey writes powerfully about her experience as a parent. I’m very new to this. Our son’s (age 7) school suggested we have him educationally […]

Engaging with school – A Parent’s Perspective

So much has happened over the last two months that I thought I would just scribble a few points, more as an overview to myself but also as way of encouraging anyone else to get involved in what ever way they can, wherever they can. The  initiatives below are just […]

Captain’s Log – Star Date 25-02-2011

For years, the government has ignored what can only be described as the ‘plight’ of Exceptionally Able children in Irish classrooms.  The NCCA did its bit by producing the Draft Guidelines.  However, there was never a wholesale attempt to develop those aspects of teacher training and practice across the school […]

Gifted Children Recognised!

OK..I’ll probably get it in the ear for using the term but it’s a word that usually grabs everyones attention.  So here is my page on what ‘genius’ is or isn’t, along with the definitions and terminology used.  I’ll keep it simple because that is how Einstein said it should be. […]


More stream of consciousness stuff but it does go somewhere…. In Ireland, we have a saying – ‘you’re thick’ meaning ‘you’re stupid’. It’s not very pleasant at all, despite often being said with jocularity. Of course a teacher would stomp on any reference to this is a class (and most […]

National Gifted Education Awareness Day & EU Talent Day