Captain’s Log – Star Date 25-02-2011 1

So much has happened over the last two months that I thought I would just scribble a few points, more as an overview to myself but also as way of encouraging anyone else to get involved in what ever way they can, wherever they can.

The  initiatives below are just a few of many initiatives in place in Ireland. But if there is ‘nothing’ happening where you are, I’d be more than happy to offer advice and support or point you in the relevant direction.

Warp Speed Mr. Sulu

As a teacher, I know there is no driving force as powerful in the education of a child as the combined, colloborative efforts of the child’s parents and teachers. I’m hoping that 2011 can become the Year of Collaboration for parents and teachers of gifted children.

Gifted education and awareness initiatives associated with this site

  • #gtie Twitter Chat on Gifted issues in Ireland – Sundays, 9.oopm GMT/4pm EST.
  • Teach Ireland at – Teachers of Exceptionally Able Children in Ireland – A support and CPD/TPN association for teachers of gifted children.
  • Advocacy Register – A register of advocates for gifted education and their support groups.
  • Gifted and Talented Network Ireland – a support site to enable parents of gifted children find support which grew out of the register of advocates.
  • Register of Schools that have implemented a gifted education policy and a Hall of Fame for schools.
  • National Gifted Education Awareness Day and EU Talent Day Ireland.
  • A Global Gifted Education Awareness Day – a slightly longer term objective!
  • YouTube Channel.

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