Teaching and Learning

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Out to Get You! The Irish Times reports that the Minister for Education has decided that ‘Fitness-to-Teach’ hearings will be held in public and she will amend the Teaching Council Act 2001 to include this.   This is a very serious step […]

Minister for Education Overrules The Professionals on Fitness-To-Teach Hearings

Today the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland launched a seminal report on the educator beliefs and practices of teachers in Ireland with regard to gifted children.  The report – Gifted Education in Ireland: Educators Beliefs and Practices – by Jennifer Riedl Cross and Tracy Cross of the College of William and […]

Gifted Education in Ireland: Educators Beliefs and Practices in Ireland

The title is otherwise known as the Einstein Principle – a scientific theory should be simple, but no simpler. What if their was a simple formula to teaching and learning? What if there was a simple formula for getting students to learn?There’s an interesting phrase – ‘getting students to learn‘; really what […]

Simple, But No Simpler