Ah, no you may say. Surely there is no connection between these three thingymabobs. Two certainly, but not three. But as this is Maths/Numeracy Week, here goes. The fundamental problem with the Celtic Tiger was NOT the Social Partnership agreements. These agreements offered the foundation for industrial peace. However, the foundation was […]

The Celtic Tiger, The Lansdowne Road Agreement and the ASTI ...

I’ve never been one to view worker-employer relationships as a them-and-us construct. The lack of human capacity to truly accept responsibility for one’s actions, and the underlying cowardice that can’t but pursue expedient escape routes has meant that there always will be plenty of blame to spread around conflicting parties. We should always be careful […]

If you think this is just a teachers strike, you ...

Models/Theories of Giftedness Psychology of Giftedness Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Teaching Strategies G&T Educational Policy International and Policy Research The list is not exhaustive but certainly plenty to get you started on the ins and outs of giftedness. If there is a particularly good book […]

Getting Started in Gifted Education Research