Peter Lydon

MakeUseOf is a website I found entirely by accident while surfing the interweb looking of resources. I subscribe to it to get automatic updates. Some of the updates you get will be about competitions to win stuff. It’s never happened to me so I have no vested interest in telling […]

IT CPD for Free

The title is otherwise known as the Einstein Principle – a scientific theory should be simple, but no simpler. What if their was a simple formula to teaching and learning? What if there was a simple formula for getting students to learn?There’s an interesting phrase – ‘getting students to learn‘; really what […]

Simple, But No Simpler

This is one of those posts that teachers might take badly. If you think that’s you, go away now. So, there I was giving a talk loosely entitled ‘Teaching in the Geography Classroom’ to 3rd year undergraduate students in Maynooth. I present this talk every year and broadly speaking, it’s […]

Where’s Your Teaching-Mojo?

I took the Draft Framework for the new Junior Cycle and plugged it into Wordle.  Wordle gives prominence to words that appear more frequently in a text. I left out the title page but otherwise just selected all of the text.I did the same with the final Framework for Junior […]

A Tale of Two Wordles