#gtie Chat Transcripts

February 2013
 3rd: Gifted: Who You Are Or What You Do?
January 2013
27th: Pushy Parent Antidote: Tell Tale Signs of Gifted Students for Teachers
20th: Parents’ Experience of Rearing Gifted Children
13th: Coming to terms: Gifted Adults
6th: Understanding and Providing for the Gifted Elementary Pupil 
December 2012
16th: Twice Exceptional Children
9th: Mythillogical: belief versus the reality of giftedness
2nd: ‘This house believes ‘Intensities’ is the defining characteristic of giftedness’
November 2012
25th: Dear Teacher, My child is gifted and I wanted you to know…
18th: Gifted and Talented Policy Choices for Schools
11th: Essential Websites on Giftedness
4th: Gifted Education Research: Who to Read and Why
October 2012
28th: Gifted School Leavers: Deciding What To Do
21st: Giftedness as a Special Educational Need
14th: Gifted Girls
 7th:  Gifted Children and Tests
May 2012
 20th: Gifted Children and Boredom
13th: The Joy of Giftedness
April 2012
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29th: Top 5 Give-Away Signs of Giftedness For Teachers
22nd: Cyberbullying and Gifted Education
15th: Role Models For Gifted Children
8th: Challenging Underachievement in Gifted Children
1st: Identification: Does It Matter?
March 2012
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25th: Public Education and GT Kids…Which Countries Support Them Best?
18th: Over-excitablities for Beginners
11th: Asynchronous Development
4th: Gifted Children: An Introduction For parents
February 2011
 26th: Developing Gifted Education Awareness
December 2011 
 11th: “5 Minute Sales Pitch” Essentials of Gifted
November 2011 
27th: How Parents Can Best Support Their Child’s Education
 20th: No Chat
13th: What Needs to Be in the New Junior Cycle to Meet the Needs of Gifted Children?
6th: Gifted Children and Mental Health
October 2011 
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30th: Parents Views of Classrooms: Perception and Reality
24th: No chat
16th: I’ve just discovered my child is gifted and I need help.
9th: Gifted and Nonchalant.
2nd: Gifted and in Trouble in School
September 2011 
25th: Models of Education That Work For Gifted
 18th: Tips for Surviving School
11th: No chat in honour of 9/11
 4th: The Words We Use: Gifted Terminology A to E
May 2011 
 1st: Top Ten Issues Facing Secondary/High School Gifted Children 
April 2011 
24th: No chat
17th: Gifted Children and the State Exams/Resources for Interested Teachers
10th: Feedback on National Gifted Awareness Day and EU Talent Day.
3rd:   National Gifted Education Awareness Day and EU Talent Day